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OC Watersheds Grand Jury

On this page you'll find Grand Jury reports that are relevant to our work.

Several of the reports have findings and recommendations specific to the OC Public Works Department (formerly Resources & Development Management Department.) For these, you will find the report issued by the Grand Jury as well as the response from the Board of Supervisors.

Several other reports discuss issues about water quality that the Grand Jury has directed to other departments or organizations. For your information, these are listed here as well.

For more information about the Orange County Grand Jury is available at

Reports pertaining to Resources & Development Management Department:
(formerly Public Facilities & Resources Department)

  1. The Urban Runoff Battle [6-20-01]
  2. Rainy Season's First Flush Hits the Harbors [5-17-00]
  3. West County Coastal Watershed Coordinating Committee [5-15-00]
  4. Coastal Water Quality etc [6-15-99]

Reports pertaining to other organizations:

  1. Sewage Spills etc. [4-25-01]
  2. Testing the Waters etc. [6-20-00]